First Fruits 2023


Sunday Worship In-person or Live Online @10AM

First Fruits 2023 -Power of agreement -                 January 9-31, 2023

In order us to move us ahead individually and corporately, we take this time of fasting and prayer at the beginning of this new year. We are seeking God to strengthen, refocus and realign us so we can reclaim, recover and be restored to where He intended us to be as a ministry and in our individual lives. For the remainder of the month, New Beginnings COTLG Avondale will be in consecration, a time of fasting and prayer, asking God to bring us into agreement. When we come into agreement, we can believe God for power over the enemy, answered prayers, breakthroughs and great miracles of every kind. This time of consecration is meant to encourage, equip, enlighten, empower and edify. Click here to download the First Fruits Power of Agreement packet


What is consecration? Making sacred; dedicating to the service and worship of God; separated from a common use to a sacred one. Metaphorically meaning perfect although not faultless, but bringing to a state of completion and fulfillment; to renew, to complete, mature, reaching the intended goal; to finish a work or duty. 


Ask God during the First Fruits of 2023 – What area in my life am I not walking in agreement with you? What have you spoken about my life? What are You trying to teach me? What do I still need to learn? 


What we are asking of you during this First Fruits consecration?

  • READ a chapter of scripture daily! See Daily Scripture Schedule below. This will replace the current NB Daily Devotions which will resume in February. Scriptures will be discussed each evening during our virtual “Coming into Agreement” sessions.
  • Join us everyday “Coming into Agreement” sessions at 6:00 p.m. via Zoom beginning Tuesday, January 10. There will ONLY be Noon Bible Study on Wednesdays in January.
  • Join us everyday for PRAYER at 12 noon via Zoom.
  • Join us for our WORSHIP Service every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. 
  • MEDITATE ON and STUDY the weekly discussions about agreement in this packet.
  • Join us every morning with Bishop Ennis F. Tait at 6:00 a.m. for Morning Meditation on FB or Instagram (@ennisftait). No social media? You can also connect by dialing-in at 1-712-832-7119 and entering the access code: 1243#. 
  • We will FAST together January 20-31 from 6:00 am to 6:00 p.m. (Eating no food during this time is preferred, but not mandatory. Please give up something each day during this time period).
  • GIVE a first fruits offering to the Lord. How you start the year is often how it will end. Sow bountifully, so you can reap bountifully.
  • MEMORIZE a scripture each day. See scriptures on agreement at the end of this packet.
  • Also, remember that we ask you to pray without ceasing. God will honor our unity and obedience in coming before Him AS ONE!


Daily Scripture Reading Schedule

Tuesday, January 10th -           Matthew 18

Wednesday, January 11th –    Romans 7

Thursday, January 12th –         Romans 8

Friday, January 13th –              Joshua 3

Saturday, January 14th –         Joshua 4

Sunday, January 15th –            Ezekiel 3

Monday, January 16th –          Ezekiel 4

Tuesday, January 17th –          Ezekiel 5       

Wednesday, January 18th –    Acts 14

Thursday, January 19th –         Acts 15

Friday, January 20th –              Daniel 1

Saturday, January 21st –         Daniel 2

Sunday, January 22nd –           Daniel 3

Monday, January 23rd -           Daniel 4

Tuesday, January 24th -           Daniel 5

Wednesday, January 25th –    Daniel 6

Thursday, January 26th –         Daniel 7

Friday, January 27th –              Daniel 8

Saturday, January 28th –         Daniel 9

Sunday, January 29th –            Daniel 10

Monday, January 30th –          Daniel 11

Tuesday, January 31st –          Daniel 12

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