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Sunday Worship In-person or Live Online @10AM

Virtual Membership

Welcome! Physical church attendance is not always possible. There are many reasons that may prevent a person from being able to join a local church. Our desire is to provide church membership for people who are in those positions.

We are glad you're here! We are a big-hearted ministry that would like to include you in our family. Moreover, we would love to celebrate your decision to receive God by way of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. No, you don’t have to physically attend our church to receive Salvation or to be a member through virtual membership. You can receive Salvation right now! You can join New Beginnings COTLG Avondale right now! We’re inviting you to receive God's pursuit of a love relationship that is real and personal. To receive Salvation and become a Virtual Member, please complete the form below. As a virtual member, you will benefit from weekly online sermons, growth group teachings, personal prayer requests responded to by our Pastor and activities that are reserved for virtual members only.  You will receive weekly links to our services where you can join us live stream on Sundays and for other services and activities throughout the week. Join today! Just go back to the JOIN NBCOTLG drop down menu and click on NEW MEMBER FORM. You are just one click away from connecting with NBCOTLG! 

*This membership does not end when the pandemic ends. Once you connect with us you will be connected until you decided otherwise.

Next Steps
Once registered, here are the next steps for our Virtual Members:

  •  For Salvation: If this is your first time receiving a relationship with God by way of Jesus Christ, congratulations! Welcome to the Kingdom of God! Please complete the form below, and then visit the "I'm New in Christ" menu option.
  • Our Virtual Membership Team will contact you to confirm your information, give you a brief virtual orientation, and connect you with a NewBe Friend.  
  • We offer several opportunities to develop an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • For Wednesdays, we offer noon Bible Study and Soul Detox on Wednesday evenings at 6:00p.m.
  • For children, please visit our Youth Zoom Rooms. Our Youth & Teen Ministry offers several opportunities for your children to develop an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ, fellowship, and have fun online.
  • Keep praying, studying God's Word, living like Jesus, and staying connected with NBCOTLG Avondale! 
Again, welcome, and God bless!

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